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Weight-based Shipping Policy

We at Calimacil work diligently to make your deliveries the fastest and less expensive possible. That's why our shipping price varies according to the weight of your package. This ensures that you don't pay more than the minimum rate for your order. The amount will be displayed during the checkout procedure. Please note that the items need to be shipped from Canada to our warehouse, and then to you.


Canada, USA, Europe and Australia

Delivery Processing Time

Below are the estimated time frames of delivery for all standard orders INCLUDING a 24 - 48h delay of processing and handling. The shipping services will send a confirmation email to the customer with the order’s tracking information as soon as it is shipped.

(In order to view the right item status on our website, make sure to choose the right country from the drop down menu at the top right corner of the screen.)

Average Processing Time Frame from Order to Delivery

Status of the item Canada, USA and Europe Australia
In Stock 4 - 6 business days 6 - 8 business days
Pre-Order (X on the way) 2 - 3 weeks N/A
Pre-Order 6 - 8 weeks N/A
Out of Stock Unknown / More than 3 months Unknown / More than 3 months
Out of Stock (Discontinued) Not available anymore Not available anymore
Please take note that orders sent out to Israël do not have a guaranteed delivery date
Note: These estimated time frames are an average calculated within normal conditions. It does not take into account all holidays, payment review delays, mislabeled inventory and/or any other problem that may occur. Thank you for your discernment and understanding.

International Delivery : No custom Fees

For countries within North America, the European Union and Australia, Calimacil customers do not need to pay custom fees.

For other countries, Calimacil cannot be held liable for these charges, nor can we determine the cost to these charges in advance.

Special orders

This is an exceptional measure. If the item is in stock at our facility and not for your location, we could ship it to you. Under particular circumstances, we can ship it through directly internationally. However, please note that we will not cover any shipping fees or taxes/duties as it is the buyer’s responsibility. Consult the section below: International Shipping Services

Canada: Sales Taxes

To all Quebec customers: Provincial sales taxes will be applied to all items delivered within and from the province of Quebec.

To all Canadian customers: According to Canada Revenue Agency, when goods are sold (or services are offered), the GST/HST rate must be charged based on the Canadian buyer’s location. Consult Revenue Canada Agency Website for more details.

International Orders: South America, Asia, Africa (3-5 Weeks)

All customer orders from outside Canada, USA, Europe and Australia are listed as international orders. We advise you to group together to create bundle orders to lessen shipping fees.

If you would like to get a quote for shipping before making an order, please write to us at providing the following information:



We will assist you as soon as possible.

International Shipping Services

(Direct Shipping Outside Canada without Warehouse Services)

International mail is subject to customs examination in the destination country. The buyer is responsible for all taxes or duties occurred. Calimacil cannot be held liable for these charges, nor can we determine the cost to these charges in advance. Please contact your local customs office for this information. If customs refuses or returns the package for any reason, Calimacil reserves the right to charge you for all subsequent shipping charges. If the parcel is denied or returned by your local customs, the amount of the order will be refunded.


60 Days Return Policy

Feel at ease to buy online. If you do not like what you get, you have 60 days to return the product to Calimacil. For further information, see 60 Days Return Policy.


One Year Guarantee Return

In the case of a warranty return, the buyer is responsible for covering any transportation costs, shipping fees, and handling charges that may occur when sending the item back to Calimacil. Depending on the circumstances, we reserve the right to provide a prepaid return label and/or refund the shipping fees.

For further information, see Calimacil’s Guarantee Policy.