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LARP weapon

Calimacil LARP weapons are known for their superior durability and their spectacular realism. Our larping weapons are also safe, weather resistant, latex free and maintenance free. Calimacil foam has an unmatchable resistance and a greater capacity for impact absorption than other widely-known industrial foams and latex materials.

Find your perfect weapon within our large selection of LARP swords, pole weapons, daggers, knives, hammer, maces, axes and archery weapons. These will be perfect for LARPing events, medieval re-enactment and sword fighting.

LARP Shortswords

LARP Shortswords

With an average length of 32 inches (81 cm), shortswords are a good choice for characters with high agility and speed. Even with their limited range, shortswords can be very deadly in the hands of a skilled warrior of rogue. Have a look at our nice selection of LARP shortswords.

LARP Longsword

LARP Longswords

Most of our longswords are 37 inches (92 cm) long. This length will please most players when it comes to swords. Longswords are often used by warriors along with their shields. Find the perfect LARP longsword for your character within our numerous models.

LARP Bastard Sword

LARP Bastard Swords

At 42 inches (105 cm), a bastard sword is the perfect compromise between a longsword and a two-handed sword. Most of our bastard swords can be wielded with only one hand or both hands. Have a look at our LARP bastard swords.

LARP Two-handed Sword

LARP Two-handed Swords

Starting at 48 inches (120 cm), our two-handed swords are made for well trained warriors. Anyone wielding such a weapon in a LARP battle will be feared. Find the perfect LARP two-handed sword for your character here.

LARP Custom Sword

LARP Custom Swords

Here you’ll be able to customize your personal LARP sword that will fit your needs. Play with a large selection of handle models, blades, lengths, color and paint and create your own sword.

LARP Pole weapon

LARP Pole weapons

With an average length of 60 inches (150 cm), pole weapons allow an advantageous attacking range during a LARP battle. Whether you need a simple wooden staff of an amazing double sword for your character, we have what you need!

LARP Dagger

LARP Daggers

Great as secondary weapons, our LARP daggers are usually between 14 and 20 inches (35 and 50 cm) long. Small enough to be hidden, a dagger could save your life when used at the most opportune time. Find yours here!

LARP Throwing knife

LARP Throwing knives

Calimacil's LARP throwing knives have no inner shaft. They are entirely made of ultra-resistant Calimacil's foam and can be thrown safely. These are commonly used in LARP events as they allow ranged attacks.

LARP Hammers and Maces

LARP Hammers and Maces

Our hammers and maces are designed for the most brutal characters of LARP. If you are looking for a very durable and realistic weapon, our LARP hammers and maces are for you.



Whether you are looking for a throwing axe, a one-handed axe or a two-handed axe, we have the LARP axe you need. Get your viking, dwarf or warrior character something durable and realistic!

LARP Archery

LARP Archery

Our archery gears are safe for larping. They respect the safety rules of most LARP organisations. Get some quality gear for your archer character. Here you’ll find a nice selection of bows, crossbows, arrows, bolts and quivers.

LARP Spear

LARP Spears

Calimacil does not sell complete spears. However, we offer some spear heads from which you can build your own LARP spear. Watch our videos to see how you can make a complete spear from our spear heads.

LARP Shield

LARP Shields

A very important part of equipment for a fighting character, a shield will allow one to block most incoming attacks. Find the perfect LARP shield to go along your sword, axe, mace of hammer.

LARP For kids

LARP For kids

LARPing is for everyone and kids will love it. It’s a good way to develop their creativity and to teach them the right way to play with friends. Here are all the LARP gears we have for kids. These are very durable and very safe too!

LARP Others


You still can’t find what you are looking for? Perhaps you need post apocalyptic weapons, some shurikens, a tsuba, or a big foam cross… Here are some more weapons and accessories you’ll enjoy.


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