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Foam Gear for LARP

Realistic, Durable, Safe: Calimacil High-Quality Foam Swords!

Calimacil is a world-renowed company specialized in making high-quality foam gear for live-action role-playing (LARP), historical or post-apocalyptical reenactments as well as martial arts training. Whether you're looking for a historical sword, a heroic-fantasy sabre or a zombie-smashing tool, we have the right weapon for you!

Featured Items

Thorgrim, the Ancestor's Glory
Only 3 in Stock
Calfera's Hammer (Gold)
Rob Sharp, The Game of Foam Sword
Only 5 in Stock
Novice II (Bastard)
14 in Stock
Bellator II
9 in Stock
Ninja II (Bastard)
10 in Stock
Percefer, The Warhammer
7 in Stock
Edgar III, the Sword of Honor
Only 3 in Stock
Arn, the Martyr's Skull
7 in Stock
Falcon, the Halberd Head
Spike, The Trench Knife
Scrow, The War Hammer
6 in Stock



Watch this video to see Calimacil's sword in action and then let us know what you think.


Technical Characteristics


  • Superior durability
  • Safe for play
  • Spectacular realism
  • Reliable in all temperatures (-20C to +100C)
  • Weather resistant: rain, sun or snow
  • Latex-free (no allergen components)
  • Maintenance-free

Calimacil's weapons are manufactured in Canada. They are made with a unique molding process which uses a special foam developed in collaboration with of a team of chemists, engineers and molding professionals. Our patented Calimacil Foam give our products a real, long-lasting combat appearance by having an incredible resistance against scratches and rips. See more

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