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Foam Gear for LARP

Realistic, Durable, Safe: Calimacil High-Quality Foam Swords!

Calimacil is a world-renowed company specialized in making high-quality foam gear for live-action role-playing (LARP), historical or post-apocalyptical reenactments as well as martial arts training. Whether you're looking for a historical sword, a heroic-fantasy sabre or a zombie-smashing tool, we have the right weapon for you!

Featured Items

Sanguis II, The Blood Revenge
36 in Stock
Calfera's Hammer (Gold)
Only 1 in Stock
Ragnar, Viking Warlord's Sword

Regular Price: $136.50

Special Price: $79.25

Out of Stock
Novice II (Bastard)
9 in Stock
Bellator II
16 in Stock
Ninja II (Bastard)
12 in Stock
Percefer, The Warhammer
23 in Stock
Edgar III, the Sword of Honor
14 in Stock
Arn, the Martyr's Skull
Falcon, the Halberd Head
6 in Stock
Spike, The Trench Knife
7 in Stock
Scrow, The War Hammer
6 in Stock
Numbkut, the wooden throwing knife

Regular Price: $11.44

Special Price: $8.80

24 in Stock
Khepri, Arm of the Scarab God

Regular Price: $140.90

Special Price: $114.48

Out of Stock



Watch this video to see Calimacil's sword in action and then let us know what you think.


Technical Characteristics


  • Superior durability
  • Safe for play
  • Spectacular realism
  • Reliable in all temperatures (-20C to +100C)
  • Weather resistant: rain, sun or snow
  • Latex-free (no allergen components)
  • Maintenance-free

Calimacil's weapons are manufactured in Canada. They are made with a unique molding process which uses a special foam developed in collaboration with of a team of chemists, engineers and molding professionals. Our patented Calimacil Foam give our products a real, long-lasting combat appearance by having an incredible resistance against scratches and rips. See more

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