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Where can I login or create an account ?

Just go tho that link: http://www.calimacil.com/customer/account/login.

What is the Return Policy ?

All purchase of Calimacil product is cover by a return policy of 60 days. For more detail see Calimacil's 60 days Return Policy .

What are the limits of the guarantee on Calimacil weapons?

Please refer to our Calimacil guarantee section for all details.

What is the difference between a foam-injected sword (Calimacil foam) and a latex sword?

Calimacil foam (often misnamed injected foam) is an industrial-strength polyurethane foam with a delayed reaction for injection use.

Calimacil foam weapons offer many advantages compared to latex weapons. These are a few of the characteristics that differentiate Calimacil foam weapons from latex weapons: spectacular realism, durability in extreme combat conditions, weather resistant, very safe.

What about Shipping?

What are the shipping charges and delivery times?

To ensure you don't pay more than you should, our shipping rates are weight-based and vary between shipping destinations. The exact price will be shown during the checkout procedure. It is always possible to contact us for express delivery.

General delivery times for order:

  • Canada: 3 weeks
  • USA: 3 weeks
  • Europe: 3-5 weeks

Contact us for any shipping-related questions or to get a cote for a faster delivery.

Does Calimacil ship its weapons outside the North America or Europe?

Absolutely. The rates are calculated the same way for international orders as local ones.

It is also possible to get a faster delivery depending your region; Please Contact us for any shipping-related questions or to get a quote for a faster delivery.

For more detail or visit our detail shipping page for Calimacil product.

Is there a price difference when ordering on any Calimacil website?

No. The prices of Calimacil products are the same at calimacil.com and at our partner stores.

Which LARPs accept Calimacil weapons?

Here is a list of LARP partners. Our weapons have been accepted at each location they have been presented. Calimacil works closely with homologators in Quebec, Belgium, France, USA and Germany to ensure that our weapons are always compliant and meet the needs of the players. Some LARP might be missing, we encourage them to contact us.

Bows and Crossbows

Bows and crossbows may have a complex legal status depending of the country where you are living. Be sure you are allowed to own a bow or a crossbow in your country before you purchase any. Here is an article about some country that have restrictive laws.

Calimacil characteristics

What are the standard lengths at Calimacil?

The total length of the weapon is taken from the tip to the pommel.

  • Kunai/Dagger : 10-14 in (25-35 cm)
  • Very Short Sword/Tanto : 24-28 in (61 cm)
  • Shortsword = 32 in (81 cm)
  • Longsword/Wakisashi = 37 in (94 cm)
  • Bastard/Katana = 42 in (107 cm)
  • Two-Handed Sword = 48 in (122 cm) and longuer

How much does a Calimacil weight?

Depending on the length and the handle, the weight of a weapon varies between 275 and 1000 g (0.6 to 2.2 lbs.) This weight generally provides good inertia to ward off stiff blows, offer fluid motion and enough realism to resemble a real weapon without compromising safety. A weapon that weighs less than 250 g (0.5 lbs.) handles like a stick and the easy shotgun-type blows make the game less interesting. When choosing a weapon that includes a hybrid core, those are lighter of 20 g (0.04 lbs.) for about a bastard length.

What is a hybrid rod?

A hybrid rod is composed of fiberglass and carbon. It is twice as rigid as a rod made of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), more commonly called fiberglass. Because it is more rigid, the weapon's performance is increased since its dynamics allow for cleaner and quicker blows. However, some LARP weapon-check may block weapon made with such a core as the blade has less flexibility.

What type of reinforcement do you use?

The tip is reinforced with a matrix composite that fuses to the foam and prevents the perforation of the foam by the rod, which allows you to point hit safely. The axe heads are also reinforced to give them body, a performance that is similar to a real axe, and to prevent the head from ripping. Some weapons are also reinforced with Kevlar at the tip.

Are Calimacil weapons balanced?

When it comes to balancing, it is measured from the hilt. When a weapon's tip is too heavy compared to its hilt, it will naturally fall forward and it will be more difficult to handle. A well-balanced weapon will be heavier in the handle and the pommel. Historically, one-handed swords were balanced at 8-10 cm (3-4 in.) from the quillon (cross-guard of the sword).

Safety, Maintenance and Durability

Are Calimacil weapons safe for children?

Yes, Calimacil weapons respect CE EN-71 safety standards. The CE standard is a European compliance standard on the safety of toys for children between the ages of 4 and 14. However, all children should be supervised by an adult in charge and must know how to properly hold and use the sword.

Can I get hurt with a Calimacil weapon?

To date, no direct hit has injured anyone. It is your responsibility to strike safely, that is to hit not using full force, avoid hitting the face or sensitive areas. Just as in a paintball game, some may get bruises, and it is also your responsibility to wear adequate protective gear depending on your game style.

Is any maintenance required between uses?

No. We recommend keeping the blade clean with water if it gets soiled by dirt or sand. Calimacil weapons do not have a coating that can be damaged, replaced or that requires maintenance as regular latex sword does. . You may, however, buy special Calimacil paint to freshen up your weapon with a second or third colour, change its look or simply reapply the paint that has worn over time.

Is it normal that the blade discolours on my hands if I rub it?

The blade's colouring process is a coating agent applied in the mold, which must fuse to the foam. The excess disappears over time and the blade will keep its metallic colour. The blade cannot be repainted using this process since it involves molding the blade. Note that usage could result in a loss of shine on the blade.

How long does a Calimacil weapon last?

One of our clients uses them for extreme combats and vacation camps. In total, repeated, intensive use, as well as commercial use, for about 400 hours of play over 2 years, which includes 5 sessions per week, at 4 hours each session, for 10 weeks a year. This is how much Calimacil can withstand!

You claim that the weapon is weather resistant, how was this tested?

For one year to the day, we exposed two weapons to the outdoor elements sun, rain, frost, etc. The Calimacil weapon yellowed slightly but the properties remained the same except for the handle had a more dull appearance on the side exposed to the sun compared to unexposed side. On the other hand, the latex weapon disintegrated and was no longer usable.

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