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Dragon Egg Pouch - Deluxe set (Pink)

The Pink Dragon is a Sylphid, gracious symbol of feminity.

This beautiful and gentle dragon is sensitive and harmonious.

In the world of Seyrawyn, Dragon eggs are allies that help us to develop the skills to accomplish the great quest of our life. Thus, future dragon keeper must rely on their intuition.

Method # 1

Choose by color and energy that draws you, the dragon is calling you.

Method # 2

Choose an ally who has the same affinities as you.

Method # 3

Choose an ally who will complete you

The Deluxe Dragon Egg set include 1 Collectible Marble Egg, 1 Leather pouch, 1 Dragon keeper oath, 1 Adoption photo card and 1 Collection Coin.
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Order now and get the item between July 23 2018 and July 24 2018.
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Additional Info

Manufacturer Martial Grisé
Weight (gr) 410.0000
Total Length (cm) 15,5
Material Natural Leather, Metal, Plastic, Other


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