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Seyrawyn official collection

A fantasy saga by Martial Gray, illustrated by Maryse Pepin

Seyrawyn invites you to discover a world where you’ll find, Guardians , Adventurers, Elfs, Vikings, Allies, Magic, Dragons, Creatures of all sorts and epic battles …

On the lost Island of Arisan, the Guardians of Lönnar protects "The Source" against the troops of their neighbor, King Arakher and his stone giants. Obsessed by his lust for power and revenge on his rival, the druid Dihur from the order of Four Elements and Senior Advisor to the King, will stop at nothing to seize the enormous energy contained in "The Source".

Attacks are numerous and bloody but still repelled ... so far. The escalation of a full-blown war is imminent. Arminas the Grand Druid of the Order of Lönnar orders the young elven Druidess Miriel, accompanied by his friends Arafinway, the scout and Marack son of Marack, the Viking warrior disciple of Tyr, to complete a quest filled with skirmishes and many challenges.

The Salkoïnas and the war hammer with two ram heads are weapons that represent the Law in the Land of Aezur. With some magic and the help of the craftsmanship found at Calimacil, these weapons are now available for those who wish to become a Guardian or even a Druid of Lönnar.

The Dragon keeper era has begun …

30 Item(s)

30 Item(s)

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