Highlander II, The Scottish Claymore - Calimacil LARP Sword


the Scottish Claymore

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The terrible battle between the MacLeod and Frazer clans, known to be one of the most important battles in the upbringing of an unified scottish nation, is now only a memory in our hearts and in our souls. Nowadays, it is like one man that we fight, all together against the English invaders. We won't let them take our land, cut our roots, drink our ale. The icon of this union, after all those battles, was more than the arm brandishing the sword. It was the blade itself. The claymore is now everywhere: in our homes, on our belts, through our enemies. The proud scottish warriors that we are will never surrender, not to the englishmen, or to anyone!


This new version of one of Europe's iconic weapons gets the same great elements that empower our previous claymores: extremely safe Calimacil foam and durability that will ensure many years of use. Its new colours – steel-coloured blade, guard and pommel and dark brown handle – gives this weapon a fierce realism, unmatched on the battlefields. Its length stays the same from the older model, 48'', to maintain a balance between manoeuvrability and reach.


Scottish characters are of course the first to come in mind when this sword is around. However, warriors using long reach as their personal touch will also like this weapon. Mercenaries, bloodthirsty Orcs and fierce barbarians will also be able to use their great strength to give powerful blows to their unarmored foes.

Weight (g): 740
Total Length (cm): 126
Blade Length (cm): 88
Blade Tickness (cm): 2.5
Blade color: Steel
Blade Type: Diamond V7 Bulky
Handle length (cm): 42
Grip length (cm): 24
Cross guard width (cm): 30
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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