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Worth purchasing for your kit

This small shield is good steel thickness and comes with a bracer bolted inside. During my LARP as an archer, I can wear it and still fire easily while getting the attack protection I need. I wouldn't be without it now. Great to use as a buckler, too. Give it a try since it is reasonably priced. Use your gold coins.

A great direction for Calimacil

A fantastic blade design that signifies Geralt's more fluid style with a thin but long blade. Really hoping his silver sword is made as well.


Parfaite pour les enfants!
Assez légère et maniable, mais hyper réaliste!
Excellente qualité et ma fille l'adore!!!

Great quality, even for a refurbished one

I bought a refurbished Musashi Katana, and even the refurbished ones are of great quality. Blade is durable and not too hard. Weight is just enough so it doesn't feel flimsy. Grip is hard and the blade doesn't bend too much after a strike.

Great product!

Nice, compact saber with lovely style

I had to get to an event and actually play with this boffer to really appreciate its feel. I would suggest wielding the boffer with a slight pistol grip, held very close to the pommel.

It swings well and looks great!


Elle est bien et bien équilibré


J'adore meme que ma conjointe me la modifier avec de l'écriture elfique


Une hache d’une excellente qualité et très bien fini! Assurément durable. Bravo Calimacil!

Great solid curved sword

So been using it for about a year, still looks great, easy to maintain. Not a weapon with a bunch of fancy stuff on it, just simple and elegant. Solid stuff. Really recommend for starter curved blade.


En plus d'être belle cette épée est une réussite total. Légère, robuste, bonne prise en main et surtout les dimensions exact d'une vrai. On ne peut pas rêver mieux!
Se battre avec est un vrai plaisir.

Functionality over style

A perfectly sturdy club that gets the job done without the unnecessary accuracy of a sword. Perfect for an Orc such as myself.


I bought this magnificent Axe 2 years ago. I've fought numerous Times with it and it's still in great condition. The craftmanship is excellent and it looks great. It also has some weight, so fighting with it gets that extra edge. I'm seriously contemplating getting second Baruk, it would be even cooler as a paired weapon. I highly recommend this product!

Surprisingly amazing

I was looking for a two handed sword and I couldn’t resist to buy this one. The detail of the design is nice and well done. I worried about the hardiness of the blade but it is soft enough.


Beautiful sword, durable and amazing quality! As a student it is a hard call to fork out for something like this, but I can say the investment is total worth it.

Absolutly stunning!

Beautiful and rediculously durable!

I bought mine about a year ago and it has survived numerous battles, being submerged in multiple lakes (dock fights lead to impromptu swimming!) And even a ferret attack or two.

Not one crack or break, and its colors haven't faded in the slightest!

Looking forward to many more years of the same!

Everyone loves it!

Since buying this bow I've barely been able to use it myself since everyone in my LARPing group loves it so much! Great price where you get what you pay for. What does that mean? Well the bow *feels* awesome! It fires perfectly and draws really nice. The decorations needed a little hot glue to patch up but have had no issues since then.

Long pointy

Absolutely a pleasure cutting my foes at a safe distance. Who would’ve thought a sword on a stick would be such an innovation. My dog is afraid of it though

Fantastic sword

If you want a sword that looks great and feels great when fighting this is the sword for you. This sword is weighted well for its size and is balanced very well so its a beast in combat.

Exactly what I expected

Great, simple staff. Durable, safe striking with only a bit of flex, and the aesthetics are excellent. Probably a bit heavier than some latex staffs(?), but the dimensions / weight are all listed in the product info so you can make an informed choice. Love it.

Parfaite hache

Une hache légère mais avec un poids parfait pour bien la manier.Elle va super bien en combat et est assez intimidante.

GI's and Marines First choice

This is my Most beloved weapon for postapocalyptic and military scenarios. Looks gorgeous!

La beauté et le maniement

L'épée es très joli et cool. Sont maniement es facile, elle es légères et rapide

Mathus III

After almost three months of field trials. I want to say that this sword is very effective, safe and easy to handle, but I put four stars because the ballad is not very good but it remains that it is an excellent sword

Perfect for a low profile

This knife is the perfect knife for keeping a low profile and being a proficient "Killer".

Flies very good, but I use it mostly as a concealed weapon, when I lose my sword in front of the chiefs tent...

Épée de Kira

Cette arme est pafaite! Juste la bonne longueure pour pouvoir la manipulée et aussi elle est très fidèle au livre!