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Good job!

The delivery of the shield was well ahead of our LARP event and now we will be able to display it for our members to see.
It is well made and very solid.
Thank-you again for a job well done!

super arc, qualité et versatilité pour le prix

L'arc est arrivé juste à temps pour mon GN. Je l'ai utilisé de façon intensive tout le weekend et je n'ai pas eu de problèmes. On m'a mentionné qu'il était fort et il pourrait être intéressant de véirifier le "draw-weight", mais la possibilité de Half-draw est toujours possible, ce qui est mieux que t'avoir un arc qui n'est pas capable de projeter.
j'aurais aimé avoir plus de choix de couleur... la construction principale semble être en fibre de verre recouvert de cuir, avoir des options similaires aux armes custom de calimacil pourrait être intéressant...

En gros, un très bon arc pour le prix, j'adore le look, qui ressemble aux reproductions historiques sans coûter la peau des fesses. L'arc semble durable.
Lors de la commande, j'ai eu quelque problèmes et j'ai du appeler chez Calimacil; ils ont été prompt à répondre et ce sont assurés que j'étais ok, un service courtois et efficace.


Magnificent weapon, even better handling/shipping from the copamny. 10/10 would order more

Jorg lanquenet pants

Très Beau
tissu robuste
Et très confortable

More than just a TV show replica...

I was looking for something to practice sword craft with that would be safe in a home environment with dimensions based on those in Guy Windsor's The Swordsman's Companion. In fact based on my height 5'10" this sword fits me perfectly, the dimensions of the handle and cross guard are also right in line with Windsor's specifications. From this perspective I am extremely happy with Geralt's Steel Sword and a bonus is that it looks great and will make a nice wall hanger while not in use. The sword I purchased is classified as "Refurbished" However I have been unable to detect any noticeable flaws in it so either it didn't really have any damage or Calimacil did an outstanding job of refurbishing it. The only possible drawback for swordsmanship practice is that is is substantially lighter than an actual sword would be, although this type of sword is not overly heavy in real life, but on the other hand, you will not be subject to tiring over time while practicing with it. From a historical accuracy standpoint, Geralt's Steel Sword is very close to what would have been available in the Medieval period, unlike many swords based on movies and TV, so if you are looking for something for COSPLAY, or reenactments where carrying an actual sword may be problematic, this may serve your purpose as well. Bottom line, I am extremely happy with my Geralt's Steel Sword and being as this was my first purchase from Calimacil, I was very presently impressed with their attention to detail.

Quality Product!

The Valhendyr is absolutely wonderful. Nothing in this world is perfect, just like the Valhendyr. But, for a durable, visually stunning foam sword, it’s pretty darn close. From the egg shaped pommel to the tip of the blade; the attention to detail on the design is spectacular. I’ve already used it to spar with my brother. It holds up great and the heft feels just right. He has the Geralt Steel Sword already. It was after his purchase that it made me want a Calimacil product as well! Seeing the durability and price for good looking foam weapons means Calimacil is the place for larp/sparring needs. I’ve got some pictures of the lovely Valhendyr with Geralt’s Steel Sword to compare.


It deels amazing in your hands weighted great and no flex on contact when sticking a weapon

Very happy

Absolutely love the detail in the sword for any fantasy or Viking larp this is an amazing blade

Bought this for my wife. Fit her perfectly and she loves it. Coat is a lot cooler than what the pics show.

Item was shipped quickly, upon arrival the packaging was good too. Item felt great, cannot wait to use it in the cooler seasons.

Unique and cool

Didn't try it in a fight yet, but it feels great in hand. Looks fantastic, while it does not give me an elven vibe, I think it is great for any exotic fantasy character.

Absolutely Gorgeous

No other way to put it. If your looking for a weapon that stands out and still functions this would be it. Would definitely recommend to friends.

Ça c'est une épée classe !

Une lame véritablement classe, mieux équilibrée que ma vieille épée. Niveau de détail admirable et superbe prise en main grâce au manche filigrané. Élégance et excellence !

A thing of beauty...

I have purchased many, many LARP weapons in my time, and Calimacil never cease to amaze me. This latest offering is the absolute prize of my collection - truly wonderous to gaze upon, as well as being a balanced and sturdy weapon to use. I am known among my peers for customizing every weapon I buy in some way or another, but this one is perfection, there is nothing more to add. On top of all that - I live in Australia, and Calimacil managed somehow to deliver it to my door inside of a week from the purchase date. Phenomenal.

Jack the Sledge Hammer

love it love the look the feel love i can bash with butt-end of this hammer

Tanto II
Tanto II the Shadow Apprentice

good starter or backup weapon not the most aesthetically appealing in my opinion but for price and durability of the Calimacil foam well worth it

Persian (Dirk) the Ali Baba Blade

light & fast bigger than i thought but that a good thing more reach for this fast light blade love the look keep up good work

Very good

Boyfriend is very happy with it, loves taking it to LARP

Reliable and safe

I bought this for a friend and have fought against it as well. It is safe, adequately padded, and still looks realistic at the same time. Great work!


Wow meme pour un produit usé je suis extremement satisfait

Monster of a hammer!

This is a great work of art that is also durable for high impact LARPs. Highly recommend if you want to get your smash on!

An elegant weapon

A solid piece of craftsmanship. Beautiful attention to detail all along the blade. It feels solid in the hand. A true dagger. An awesome blade

A sword for the ages

This sword is amazing. As a first sword or tenth. I have held and owned many swords. Many from Calimacil. And I am in love with this sword. It's so light. It handles like a dream. You'll struggle to find another sword that pulls me in so completely like this one.

Stunning sword frog

It sits wonderfully. A beautiful sword frog that allows my sword to slide easily

Time to retire

I'm sorry, I love Calimacil weapons but this weapon should be retired. The pommel has the viking symbol of awe on it. It is well known that the racists who attacked Charlotte S.C. used this symbol on their shields. No matter what you say now this symbol has been co-opted by the Nazi's and is used in place of the Swastika. Please do not buy a weapon that has a symbol of hatred on it.