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Looks and weight are perfect

This dagger just feels good. Everything about it is satisfying from its weight to its looks to how safe it is in combat. Love this dagger.

Best LARP sword I own

This sword is fantastic! Great quality, looks AMAZING, feels great to hold, balanced so nicely, LARP safe. I run a LARP and probably purchase about 15+ swords from various vendors each year. This is my favourite sword I have.

Most excellent sword

I previously purchased a Geralt's Steel refurbished sword and was so impressed that I had to get another one, and I was not disappointed. It also is very nice, I love the feel and balance of these and it looks amazing. I am a very satisfied customer.

Perfect for knights and armored character

For those who have plate armor, this cape is simply the best i ever found. it does stay only in the back so it doesnt become a nuisance for your arms. it is thick enough so it won't get damaged easily by branches or other Larp-related stuff, yet still very light for it's sturdiness. The best thing about it is that it doesn't get stuck in your armor. It is a great cheaper alternative to a complete tabard and adds a nice look.

Perfect for fencers

This scabbard fits perfectly even the longest rapier they offer and it fits really well on any more refined character (so maybe not barbarians)
The leather itself is of great quality, it is very heavy duty -like built. The only problem I found was that the straps for angling the scabbard from the belt are a bit too short, would be perfect if it was a bit longer so I could angle the scabbard itself not to stick out too far behind. 9/10

Amazing sword

Fantastic product, impeccable quality,very detailed, I love it!

Super belle qualité merci ^^

Parfait pour le katag de mon fils!

Gift for a friend

Me and a few of my friends bought this sword as a Christmas gift for our LARP game master. Previously he hadn't owned a latex weapon of any kind and he LOVED this sword. Although he has yet to use it in actual battle, he joyfully whacked each and everyone of us, after admiring it's craftsmanship since the moment he opened the box. I have purchased my fair share of Calimacil weapons and (besides some normal wear and tear) they have all held up phenomenally. I don't doubt that the "Robbert Stark" will live up to expectations and I can't wait to see it wreck havoc on the battlefield. Well done Calimacil on another fabulous weapon!

Nice ax

Nice and heavy...beautiful work on the piece

To Arms!

I ordered this as part of a two-item order on pre-Christmas sale. Delivery was great and arrived in loads of time - the only problem was keeping my hands off this sucker til Christmas! My first attempt to distract was by building the kite shield pictured. Then I built the buckler.
I didn't manage in the end, and ended up practicing downstairs at night ;)

I love this piece, it looks functional and elegant and the balance and feel are wonderful.

This was my first order but most certainly will not be my last!


Nice little dagger. Very sturdy and easy to tuck away or into a belt.

An Attractive Set of Bracers

These bracers are wonderful. They are an attractive set of fantasy bracers. They have a solid construction with nothing "loose". The only thing I would encourage someone interested in getting these to be aware of is that they are part of a set, so if you mix and match from different sets like I did, they might not match very well. I knowingly did this with plans to darken parts of the leather with leather die. Now they match nicely with my armor. Great Bracers! :)

Awesome Fantasy Studded Leather

I've only had the armor piece for a couple of weeks, so I cannot speak to its lasting durability yet, but it seems to be the real deal. First of all, the armor looks amazing. It's perfect for a fantasy-style studded leather armor. Its construction seems solid, with all rivets set firmly. There were no blemishes on the armor upon receiving the item. Its fit is adjustable, with solid hardware. I LOVE the articulated nature of the armor. Not only does it look cool, but it adds a bit more torso mobility when donned. Overall, this piece exceeded my expectations. The only thing for me that I wasn't 100% happy about is the leather straps in the back. There is nothing wrong with them, but I my body size was almost between sizes, so when I buckle the armor down, there is a bit of excess strap hanging behind me, giving it a slightly "messy" look. I'll be wearing a cloak with this piece so it should not be a problem for me. If your body size fits closer to the middle of the size range, I don't think it would be an issue at all. Thanks for the awesome armor you guys! :)

Looks fabulous and feels great.

Amazing purchase

Weighted well, came fast, great material. Calimacil delivers greatness again. Just wish I could afford more xD

The sword i was waiting for.

I received it from my girlfriend as a birthday gift. You should have seen my face when I opened it. A toddler in front of a candy bar,same face.

A well-balanced weapon, light enough to for lamps so nobody get injured. Nice real look. There was 3 little holes around the tip of the sword but it does'nt affect the quality of the blade.

Awesome weapon 10/10 would recommend.

Perfecet short ranged weapon

I absolutely love wielding this hammer. It's very light and you can just go amok with it on your enemies.

Excellent shield

I'm very impresed with the shield. It's very comfortable and light.

Feels heavy

The sword feels solid and rather heavy. I was surprised. I was hoping that it would be lighter so I could swing faster, but I guess a heavy sword also has its' advantages.

Style and Quality

This is an excellent polearm. The best of original style and top quality.

My son is over the moon with the braces he received for Christmas. Thank you.
I also ordered twp daggers a few days before and have not received any mail telling me when
they would arrive. Would you please check on this. Thank you.
Sue Trimble

Perfect design, Amazing quality

The design is perfect for the outfit im trying to pull off and the material is solid.

Mind your strength

Awesome weapon. Handle is thin and the blade thinner than the sir Radzig sword by a big noticeable amount. But as with most of the weapons cautioning users the spar with 'controlled force', if you do decide to go full strength this sword can take it relatively well. I say relatively because the tip of my sword is damaged (not broken off but not a small crack either). Im not implying this is a bad weapon but considering I have used it for maybe a 1 year of full force sparring with my brother who doesn't hold back as much as I do (we came out of if black and blue on occasions) your in for you moneys worth on this one.
The handle's texture may or will give you blisters until you break in the mock chain(no gloves) but the length is good for anyone who owns lacrosse gloves and Im assuming sparring gloves would fit as well. It's thin once you grip it but that doesn't mean it's weak as it's surprisingly extremely sturdy
The whole length of the blade is tough to the core but soft closer to the blade so as I've stated above, full force wont break it whether that be striking and sometimes thrusting(my tips damaged)
The weight of the whole sword feels even. The center is near the guard on the blade but nothing that'll feel weird when using
The guard is made of a soft ?rubber? material but don't let that fool you, I've deflected a few strikes with it more than I can count

So overall I'd say if you're looking for a durable, lightweight, thinner-blade-than-most-I-have-seen sword this is good for the price
*also don't mordhau it causes some damage that isn't fun dealing with / don't use the archer's guard grip as that may have led to my sword's tip breaking faster then it should be but fun is #1*

Awesome little Kunai!

Great size and weight, would be awesome if they made one with a small core so it wasn't totally floppy. My son loves it and runs around with it in his mouth like Naruto! Great to throw, recommend to all!