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Do you want to work in an unusual field, in a small dynamic team where quality parts are molded? Apply now!

Calimacil is looking for competent people to meet the specific needs of its customers. The company specializes in the production of foam swords for Live Action Role Play (LARP). The manufacture requires a lot of manual operations and crafting skills. 

Process technician

Known as Alchemists within the Calimacil team, the Process Technicians are responsible of preparing the foam recipes. They keep track of the inventory of polymer and supply the workstations.

As any good physician, they also test their mixtures to obtain the perfect chemical reaction : The Calimacil Foam!

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Artistic Painter

Are you a magician with an Airbrush? Our Artistic Painters have the paramount task of turning our creations into masterpieces. The realistic aspect of Calimacil LARP weapons comes from their keen eye for details.

After deburring the items from any extra foam, they paint using a brush, an airbrush and sometimes a paint gun.

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Industrial Spray Painter

Our Spray Painters prepare the molds for the Calimacil Foam by painting the inside with an industrial paint gun.

When a molding is completed, they unmold the piece and inspect it to make sure it respects Calimacil's high standards of quality.

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Production Moulder

Working closely with the Industrial Spray Painter, the Production Moulder is responsible of making the Calimacil products using the molds.

After each cast, he makes sure the mold is properly cleaned and ready to again.

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