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Scabbard Ring

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Color: Black

This Scabbard Ring is created by artisans from Zardwin, in Quebec, Canada. It suits most Calimacil swords.


  • D-ring interior width : 2.5" (6.5 cm)
  • D-ring interior Height : 2.25" (6 cm)
  • Can be used with belt of 2.25" (6 cm) width maximum
  • Genuine leather
  • Belt not included

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A good holster for one handed polearms from this site

I purchased these last in March amd discovered how they're.most useful for polearms from Calimacil. Due to how the axes and other polearm designs tend have pommels that prove too large and broadened for most holsters and sheathing tools it proves difficult to do so and you can risk damage to the prop if not careful, but this one of them is wide and loose enough to fit Calimacil polearms into with ease and just let them hang comfortably on your belt or on a baldric too. I found good use outnof these and you can too! Happy larping, this is Lunuskaiath, signing off! ^^

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