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The Training Sword

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Note: This weapon has been designed for martial art practice. Please note that due to its weight, rigidity and density, this sword IS NOT recommended for events or tournaments using LARP weapons!

Calimacil forever seeks to fuse the mastery of materials they developed in its workshops and the technical expertise of its artisans. That’s why we’re introducing a revolutionary high density foam training sword as an entryway into the world of western martial arts. This weapon was specially designed for long sword training and is therefore twice as heavy as its Live Action Role Playing equivalent. This makes it as close as possible to practicing with a steel sword without requiring the user to wear protective garb. In order to obtain this level of equivalency, this weapon is manufactured with a solid core covered with a compact mass of foam which prevents rebounds when it hits, an important requirement for martial arts swords. The blade is completely rigid edge-wise and only slightly flexible on its flat size. The sword as be specially weighted with metal inserts in the hilt to be properly balanced, making the sword’s handling nearly identical to that of its steel equivalent. The sword is less massive than wood and is therefore much safer to use. A special paint has also been applied to the blade to allow the smooth gliding of crossing blades, increasing the sensation of realism when used during sparring. This sword was specifically designed with western martial arts initiates in mind so they can be introduced to the practice of using medieval weapons in a safe way. It is a great alternative to wooden practice swords and perfectly merges the nobility and traditions of medieval swordplay with the advanced technologies brought by Calimacil’s sense of innovation and creativity.


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