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the Elder Spear

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The pyre had barely finished burning, and the embers started getting cold. The morning was coming close, and her lover had joined with the Ancestors. Too much emotions surrounded Leslea. Everything here reminded her of her sorrow. The road was calling, and a new chapter of her life was starting.

Roaming the wild, a rumor had brought her to a supposedly magic pond, which had the power of seeing into the heart of anyone looking at their own reflection in the waters. Lost, and curious, the occasion was too good to pass up. She found the place, and did what she was told had to be done to activate the magic. In answer, her reflection started to talk, with a voice that wasn’t hers.

“You have the desire to go on adventures, and prevent others to experience the same sorrow you faced. I will give you the means to your ambition”

As the echo of the last word was still ringing, a marvelous spear, shining with ethereal lights, began to take form on the surface of the pond. She took it. The weight, the length, everything was perfectly fit for her, and the crystal on the blade had the same shade as the sunset when she had said her last goodbye to the one she had lost. With a new found resolution, she knew her destiny would come true.


As the first version of this weapon was highly popular, we decided to make it even better. As always made of our safe and renown Calimacil foam, the extra reach of this weapon length will be a favorite of many people. As well, the colors of the crystals, the different metals and the wooden staff gives it a very refined look.


Be it in the hands of a rank-and-file warrior of a great city, the guard of a woodland paradise of a explorer of ancient ruins, this spear would not be out of place. This weapon can be a great fit for any character that would enjoy the clean cut aesthetic of it.

Weight (g): 965
Total Length (cm): 180
Staff Length (cm): 133
Head Width (cm): 19
Core type: Fiberglass
Material: Calimacil Foam

Customer Reviews

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Légère et belle finition.

Order arrived late

The quality of the product was never going to be a complaint
Thank you for helping me sort this out both my orders arrived in great condition.

Overall a great choice

I own quite a few Calimacil swords and was looking for something different. I decided to pick up this spear, and it quickly became one of my favorites. Not only does having a different weapon type open up a new world of attack possibilities, Draceltia is simply a joy to spin around. The weight of it makes practicing a bit of a workout - this is a good thing, in my opinion. I have one gripe: the spear tip is not quite as straight as I would like, but even knowing this, I would buy Draceltia again.

Très bien

Superbe, maniable, solide et très flexible. Seul bémol: la mousse est très dure et fait donc plus mal que la plupart des autre mousses d'autres companies. Mais de toute façon c'est pas toi qui se mange Les coups, c'est l'ennemi ;-)

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