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Arn Skull Staff


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From his position at the top of the monstrous rocky cliffs overshadowing the grey plains, the elder whispered to the winds. While his body hunched under his own age, a spark in his deeply set eyes was revealing an uncommon level of wits and awareness. He knew about the army stretched across the horizon, and about the heroes on their horses ascending quietly the sinuous trails on his left, down below.

Only one victor would arise. The same one that ever did. The one he had dedicated his lifetime to: Death... Death as far as his piercing eyes could see. He felt the thrill and embraced the veil covering his heart. The magick ran from the Arn Skull Staff in his right hand, down his nerves and through his spine. He surrendered his whole being to the spell. From somewhere in between the world of the living and the realm of the dead, he spoke with a voice as clear as the thunder:




The Arn Skull Staff revives our Arn Skull mounted on a black version of the 5 feet wooden staff. Efficient, safe, stunning, this weapon allow for both maneuverability and impressive looks at the same time. The Calimacil Foam used to make it ensures proper durability for many LARPs and events to come. The head is cast with a more supple foam which ensures a high level of safety in combat.



From human necromancers to orc shamans, voodoo witches and tribal sorcerers, this staff can inspire potent and mystical characters for players who are not afraid to explore the paths less taken and the mysteries of their worlds.

Weight (g): 1050
Total Length (cm): 158
Pole Length (cm): 152
Pole Circumference (cm): 11,75
Head's Height (cm): 18
Head's Circumference, to the widest (cm): 50
Materials: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam, Urethane Foam

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Love it!

Calimacil makes great weapons and I love their attention to detail. However, I feel like this product might have been rushed as there were some paint areas that were off and it seems as though some of the skull came off in places. Otherwise, I’m happy with it and I’m glad to have a piece for my costume.

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