Robbert Stark - Refurbished - Calimacil LARP Sword

Robbert Stark - Refurbished

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Length: Long

About Refurbished Items : A weapon is declared refurbished when, following a standard inspection by Calimacil, it does not reach the expected esthetical level. A refurbished weapon will have the same security level as a standard Calimacil weapon but may have some lower quality result on painting, forms or other. This type of weapon is not covered by any warranty.

Training with wooden swords is very practical, but when facing a real threat, survival is less than assured without a sturdy steel blade. But to be able to hold to this weapon, one needs to have gone through the adulthood rite of passage. After the series of trials, that are kept secret until I am facing them, I will officially be considered an adult. This means I will receive, like every man and woman of my clan, a sword. I will then be able to take part in the battles they fight, and help them defend what is ours.


The Robbert Stark LARP sword is a great addition to the Squire collection. Made of safe Calimacil foam, this weapon will give you years of good use thanks to its unrivalled durability. The guard of the sword is steel-coloured and the handle is black. The blade is silver-coloured to give a unique and incredibly realistic look.


Of historical inspiration, this sword is perfect for knights, warriors and other characters fighting for a noble cause or for the domination of a country. Moreover, it is not unheard of that such a sword is found in the depths of a Troll’s keep or in the hands of an Orc, meaning that some unfortunate adventurer crossed paths with some dire beast.

Weight (g): Long: 422; Bastard: 430
Total Length (cm): Long: 91; Bastard: 103
Blade Length (cm): Long: 70; Bastard: 81
Blade Tickness (cm): 2.5
Blade color: Silver
Blade Type: Double Fuller 2
Handle length (cm): 24
Grip length (cm): 14
Cross guard width (cm): 19
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

Customer Reviews

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Gift for a friend

Me and a few of my friends bought this sword as a Christmas gift for our LARP game master. Previously he hadn't owned a latex weapon of any kind and he LOVED this sword. Although he has yet to use it in actual battle, he joyfully whacked each and everyone of us, after admiring it's craftsmanship since the moment he opened the box. I have purchased my fair share of Calimacil weapons and (besides some normal wear and tear) they have all held up phenomenally. I don't doubt that the "Robbert Stark" will live up to expectations and I can't wait to see it wreck havoc on the battlefield. Well done Calimacil on another fabulous weapon!

To Arms!

I ordered this as part of a two-item order on pre-Christmas sale. Delivery was great and arrived in loads of time - the only problem was keeping my hands off this sucker til Christmas! My first attempt to distract was by building the kite shield pictured. Then I built the buckler.
I didn't manage in the end, and ended up practicing downstairs at night ;)

I love this piece, it looks functional and elegant and the balance and feel are wonderful.

This was my first order but most certainly will not be my last!

Simply Lovely

Well balanced, affordable and dashing I look forward to slay all undead with beauty, Also blue cute ribbons to call it my own.


Great product, excellent balance that make you want to swing it. Bottin line, excellent weapon at a fair price.

Honestly It's Great

I bought one two years back and used it extensively. It still looks good, but in my opinion looks are secondary to function. It still functions and I've never had a problem with it. It has good balance and a nice grip. It has the kind of feel that just makes you want to swing it. I have showed it to many of my friends and none of them have ever resisted the urge to swing it. I've had it for two years and every time I pick it up I swing it, it just feels that good in the hand. Anywau bottom line is use it for cosplay, larp, or just horsing around with some friends in the backyard it looks good and it feels great.

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