Dorgen, The Dwarf's Hammer - Calimacil LARP Hammer


the Dwarf's Hammer

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Length: One hand
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In the midst an epic battle, Dorgen Largebellows crushed the skull of his enemy in a single swing. His hammer had once again brought down a foe. Raising his head - and beard - high, the warrior looked at what was left of the horde in front of him. He held his hammer high, threatening. In a moment, all were fleeing and he was left alone. Years before those events, the Dwarf had the great idea to forge himself a hammer fitting to his ambitions. He declared that this idea was a great one, and that they should wait and see the results. After months of hard work, he had the weapon to prove he was the greatest blacksmith, and ready for battle.


The Dorgen Hammer is part of the Seyrawryn universe, created by Martial Grisé. This hammer, while looking incredibly real, is in fact perfectly safe thanks to its Calimacil foam. The grip has a leather texture and is adorned with a steel pommel, while the wooden handle holds the steel-coloured heads. A green emerald sits atop of this unique weapon. Its heads are hollow for safe LARP combat, and its Calimacil foam material ensures its durability for years of adventures.


Perfect for dwarven characters, this hammer will also suit brutes of a more rough nature, such as Trolls, barbarians and other monsters. Great to show some status and prestige, this LARP weapon is adapted to noblemen and women alike. However, it can also be used by the more common folk, like stoneworkers who enjoy their work.

Weight (g): One hand: 775; Two Hands: 1000
Total Length (cm): One Hand: 82; Two Hands: 114
Material: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

Seyrawyn Collection

Makers from Québec, visionnaries and artists, Martial Grisé, leatherworker and actor, as well as his accomplice Maryse Pépin, graphic designer and illustrator, are the heart of the McGray publishing house. Both of them also authors, they have a unique writing style between both of them. If Maryse represent the educative and playful aspect, Martial is the pillar of the storyline, reinventing the Medieval Fantasy genre.

Joining their talents, they created a unique and educative concept: Their famed dragon eggs give strengths. They published 21 books for all ages and their collections are bestsellers. They also developped a whole line of merchandise, among them Calimacil foam weapons

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Customer Reviews

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There is not much more to say about this weapon other than that it's great. It feels great, looks great and is easy to control. After quite a fair amount of use it's still not showing any signs of damage, even though it has been left out in the cold, rain and mud for several hours. The head can be a bit hard hitting, but this can be easily avoided once you gain a bit more control of the weapon.


Je trouve que la longueur de la poignée est parfaite je peux la manier autant a une main et la prendre a deux mais pour la frappe suivante

Frappe satisfesante

Superbe marteau pour les nains et vikings. L'impact du marteau fait reculer d'un pas ceux qui le reçouvent. 10/10 would hit my friends in the chest again

The Impact

This weapon is devastating the impact of each hit is sooooooooooooooo satisfying. I never thought I would enjoy this hammer so much. I love everything about it

My Monkey Brain LUV

When I brought a hammer to a big battle everyone asked "why not a sword, it's faster and has way better maneuverability"
That is until my first BONK

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