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Knight of Emerald Sword

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$138.57 (CA$174.99)


The Knights Emerald's sword is a symbol of courage, honor and justice, which identifies the bearer of this weapon as a knight mage. This blade holds particular features which distinguishes it from other swords found on the continent. Forged by Morrison, the blacksmith of the Kingdom of Emerald, it is a weapon of quality which inspires the fear in the eyes of the enemy.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Calimacil 
Weight 1 lbs 450 gr
Total Length 41.5" 105.4 cm
Blade Length 32" 81.3 cm
Blade Thickness No" 0 cm
Cross Guard length 7.5" 19.1 cm
Hilt Length 9.5" 24.1 cm
Hilt Colors Gold, Green, Silver 
Core Fiberglass 
Material Calimacil Foam 


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