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Wyvern, The Dark Blow - LARP sword Click to enlarge

Wyvern, The Dark Blow

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Deep under the earth they were forged. In deepest darkness they were cursed by the demon-gods of the dark elves. Through games of shadows, intrigue and treachery they changed hands through the centuries. These swords, as black as the Inky Abyss, are symbols of power and hate. It is through this limitless hate and unnameable atrocities they commit that these blades bind their bearers into a secret and deadly fraternity. The Night Wyverns have but one mission: vengeance against those that have exiled their kind from the surface world at the dawn of time.


The collaboration between Calimacil and the Atelier Fantastic Arts continues to deliver design masterpieces with the delivery of another elven-inspired sword. Flirting with the darker sides of Heroic Fantasy, this sword possesses organic forms and a curved blade that hints of both malice and grace. With its deep grey color from hilt to blade, this weapon seems to have been forged from a single piece. Like all weapons created through our exclusive partnership, the sinister appearance of this magnificent sword is matched by its balance and a level of safety that is now part of Calimacil’s legend.


Fans of dark elves and other denizens of the sub-realms rejoice, this sword is finally available! It is the ideal weapon for black-hearted rangers (or maybe the odd repentant ones), pirates, shadow warriors and other mystical assassins. When used by a group of like-minded characters, the sword takes its rightful place as a symbol for a secret society’s somber agenda.

Additional Information

UPC 718117848544 
Manufacturer Calimacil 
Weight 0.9 lbs 430 gr
Total Length 38" 96.5 cm
Blade Length 29" 73.7 cm
Cross Guard length 3.5" 8.9 cm
Hilt Length 9" 22.9 cm
Hilt Colors Black, Gold, Silver 
Core Fiberglass 
Material Calimacil Foam 
Country of Manufacture  


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