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The Liberator of Rome (DISCONTINUED)

The troubles started in the second half of the fifth century. Slowly , people lost faith in the empire, in the Emperor himself. Rebellions appeared here and there, at first small enough not to be noticed. However, they grew in size and strength and started to frighten the authorities. To put out this fire and to bring these people back on the good side of the war, the Emperor had simple yet important-looking daggers forged all through the empire.

His plan was simple: by offering those weapons to the rebellious leaders, he gave them a place in his army, forgave their crime of treason and made clear that he was still a kind Emperor. Many of these rebellious leaders took the blade and came back in the empire's forces. It is with this strategy that the Emperor was able to keep his throne, and his head, a while longer, until he fell the way we all learned.


This new dagger, made in collaboration with Damoclès, has some of the great features that share all Calimacil weapons, like its safe and almost indestructible foam. Its steel-colored blade and shaded bronze handle and guard give it a striking realism. The new Calimacil logo also decorates the base of the blade.

Special thanks to Joe Brelsford, who suggested this original name, and to everyone who shared their name ideas on our Facebook page.


Roman characters will be pleased by this dagger: legionnaires, merchants and even administrators. Furthermore, mercenaries will be able to use this dagger as a hidden blade or as a spare weapon. Assassins and other dark creatures will also like the simplicity of this dagger as it can be used without alerting anyone and doesn't immediately strike the eyes of the guards.
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Additional Info

Weight (gr) 218.0000
Total Length (cm) 49
Blade Length (cm) 29
Blade Thickness 5.7
Blade Color Steel
Blade Type Other
Handle Length 20
Grip Length (cm) 9
Cross Guard Width (cm) 8
Core Fiberglass
Material Calimacil Foam, Plastic
Country of Manufacture Canada

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