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Faloril II

The Claw

Don’t ever underestimate Elves, son. What your impulsive, young eye sees as irrelevant carousing and carelessness hides a profound streak of sadness for a world they see decaying with each sunrise. What Elves sing and celebrate about when around Humans and Dwarves, they mourn when alone. For some, this sadness is too strong; they expiate it by throwing themselves against their enemies with no care for their lives. Among the most dangerous warriors to come from such desperate souls are the Forest Blades, pitiless fanatics armed with exceedingly deadly swords. They are as lethal as they are silent in the hands of those who have nothing to lose in a world they no longer consider theirs.


This incredibly beautiful sword is another high quality achievement to come from the collaboration between Calimacil and Atelier Fantastic Art. This elven-inspired sword is a masterpiece of unparalleled details. Its griffin-decorated pommel matches the sword’s metallic green guard. Its black handle molds itself to fit the wielder’s hands while its fine blade gives it an unequal appearance. Like all other blades issued from this exclusive partnership, this sword marries great attention for detail with it great utility as a perfectly balanced and safe sword for LARPing.


This sword is ideal for all kinds of elven character. It can arm a stealthy forest warrior that never leaves its cover in order to defend ancestral lands. It can also be used in a pair or along a dagger in the hands of a ranger who excels at dual-wielding.
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Additional Info

Manufacturer Calimacil
Weight (gr) 500.0000
Total Length (cm) 111
Blade Length (cm) 81
Blade Thickness (cm) 2
Blade Color Steel
Blade Type Cavalry Saber
Handle Length (cm) 31
Grip Length (cm) No
Cross Guard Width (cm) No
Core Fiberglass
Material Calimacil Foam


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