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Custom Sword

Ever wanted a unique blade for your unique character? Now you can choose from tens of handles and blades, change their colors, and create a truly unique weapon that will perfectly fit your needs. Just choose a handle, blade, length and color and see in real time what your sword will look like.

A black-bladed short Viking sword? A two-handed red fantastic sword with a Kain handle? A short rapier to use as a parrying weapon? Now you can do all those - and much more. Some examples are shown in the product's pictures, take a look!

Make the hammers of our blacksmiths sing their song, so that these swords can sing it on the battlefield!

Select your options below to create your unique sword.

Note: As the production of a custom sword is as unique as the end result, you can expect a minimum of 2 to 4 months for delivery. It is also important to note that these items are made following your orders, so they will always be marked as out of stock before placing an order. We will make your sword the way you asked us as soon as we have the details!

Please be aware that special colors (such as green, blood, etc.) can vary from the one pictured.
Order now and get the item between 3 July 2017 and 31 July 2017.
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Additional Info

Weight (gr) 500.0000
Total Length (cm) No
Colors No
Material Calimacil Foam
Country of Manufacture Canada

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