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The Life Drinker

My true name was once a synonym for terror and tyranny. It has since fallen from history into legend and drifted beyond myth. Vampires aren’t immortal, our bodily shell eventually fail. I refused to leave this state of unlife. My hatred for life and lust for blood drove me to accomplish what none had done before, imbue my undead spirit into a blade. Forged from the unholiest of steel, bathed in the blood of countless innocents, I, once Death personified, became Death’s ultimate tool. All who yield me feel my eternal hunger; all who vie to control me feel my wrath. I am Death eternal.


There’s nothing good or holy about this weapon. It was created to be yielded by those unconcerned by the well-being of anyone standing in their path. The rapier is absolutely perfect for evil pirates. It also completes any vampire noble character that wants to make a very strong fashion statement. Finally, any cruel dark duelist worth his salt will want to have one of those to show how much they mean business.
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Additional Info

Weight (gr) 450.0000
Durometer No
Total Length (cm) 95
Blade Length (cm) 69
Blade Thickness 2
Blade Color Steel
Blade Type No
Handle Length 24
Grip Length (cm) 9
Cross Guard Width (cm) 26
Core Fiberglass
Material Calimacil Foam
Country of Manufacture Canada

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