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Technical Description

Calimacil Weapons Features

Calimacil sword
  • Superior durability
  • Safe
  • Spectacular realism
  • Maintenance free
  • Reliable at all temperatures (-30oC to +100oC)
  • Weather resistant
  • Latex free

Our weapons are known for their resistance to blows and bad weather.

Our molding process requires no assembly; the blade and handle are merged to the inner structure providing excellent solidity. The withstanding power, the quality of materials used, and the innovative design create a weapon with maximum security without compromising its appearance.

Our unique foam reflects the efforts of our experienced team of chemists. Its density meets the requirements of weapons used in Live Action Role Playing (LARP). In addition, the weapon can endure repeated attacks without losing its properties or shape.

Calimacil foam has an unmatchable resistance and a greater capacity for impact absorption than other widely-known industrial foams. These attributes make it possible to have more realistic blade profiles.

The tips are reinforced with composite material to prevent punctures, thus increasing its safety and durability.

Finally, we guarantee satisfaction on all our products with our 1 year warranty.

Technical Description of a Calimacil Weapon

Calimacil weapons are made of expanded polymer foam developed in Quebec in collaboration with a team of chemists, engineers and professional molders. This foam gives Calimacil weapons a high endurance in combat by its unrivaled tear strength, resistance to perforation and crushing due to repeated blows in battle.

This foam is denser than the best foams used by the manufacturer of latex and offers better energy absorption, reducing the rebound strokes. To make the weapon more durable and robust, we use a manufacturing process that make the polymers expand and bond directly around and to the rod and in the desired shape. The rod itself is made from high quality fiberglass (FRP) for superior handling.

The tip of the rod is reinforced with a composite material that prevents perforation of the foam by the rod therefore allowing a safe use of the weapon for thrusting. Ongoing efforts put by our research and development team allows Calimacil to improve its products regularly to provide players with weapons of great realism and performance without compromising security

Our custom weapon tool also allows players to order most of their favorite weapons with an hybrid rod: A composite allow of carbon and fiberglass that makes the weapon two times more rigid without significant changes to the weight.

Blade Profile

Blade Profile

The profile of the blade has been polished and perfected to not only maximize its safety and durability but also to give it a realistic look. Furthermore, the weight of the weapon is balanced in order to enhance its handling.

Research, Development and Testing!

Calimacil aims to always exceed customer expectations, increase the reliability of their product, and offer more realistic weapons – either historical or fantastic! Different technologies have also improved production methods and reduced manufacturing costs without compromising the final product that first appealed to players since our arrival in the world of LARP.

Endurance in combat

After 100 strikes
After 100 strikes
After 500 strikes
After 500 strikes
Strike to buckler side
Strike to buckler side

Calimacil's exclusive polyurethane foam provides durability and fatigue resistance against repeated blows during major battles. Even if the surface is cut, the foam remains strong and safe. Calimacil: reliability you can count on!

Security and Endurance in Tuck

Safe tip
Safe tip: secure and durable
Dangerous tip
Dangerous tip

The tip collapses on itself without bending. The reinforcement is made of a matrix composite of fiberglass / nylon or Kevlar / polymer which prevent the perforation of the foam. With its unfailing foam, the weapon becomes a trusted partner during all close range battles.

Experience with Water!

Beads of water appear on the
surface but little is absorbed.

The weapon has been immersed in water for a period of two weeks and exposed to the sun for drying. Foam can absorb 2 to 3% of its volume in water, but does not disintegrate or become damaged.

Durability and Reliability

Durability & Reliability
Durability & Reliability

No maintenance is required! No need to add powder, silicone, or extra coating. You can also slip your weapon into a leather sheath without the risk of damaging it as it is highly resistant to friction.

No coating is used that could hide a deterioration of the foam, blade or dangerous section of the armor. Even if it is severed by a steel knife, the foam maintains its strength and remains safe.

No other foam exhibits such performance, and we are trying to further improve these characteristics that distinguish us because we know what these weapons have to endure in combat to stand up to your opponents. You will hold your Calimacil with pride .

Calimacil Strength

See how the foam is merged with the inner core.


The injection molding process allows all the materials from which the weapon is made to fuse together perfectly: a composite rod, reinforced tip, and high-quality polymers merge to become one solid item.

Resists Punctures

Notice how the foam resists punctures.

The weapon tip is also lined with a fibre matrix for increased safety (fiberglass/nylon or Kevlar/polymer).

Resists Punctures from a Steel Blade

Pressure of Steel Tip
Pressure of a steel tip
against the foam
Pressure Release

The foam blade has not been cut or punctured. In extreme cases, a simple scratch could be made by a sharper blade or a hard blow on the sharp edge of an armor.

Picture of the cut blade

Cut Blade

The left and center rods are made of fiberglass and reinforced with polyester, while the Hybrid rod on the right-hand side is made of carbon/fiberglass.

How the foam reacts according to the strength of a blow

Normal Blow
Normal Blow
Harsh Blow
Harsh Blow

Illustrated here is the progressive absorption of energy by the foam to prevent a sharp blow which could make the inner rod of the weapon collide with one's arm, head, etc. A foam that is too soft would cause a bruise and be painful.

Deformed Pommel
The pommel is deformed but stays attached to the handle

Tough and Flexible Hilts

The hilts are flexible enough to remain safe but rigid enough to ward off stiff blows.

flexible enough
Flexible enough
rigid enough
Rigid enough

Note that a blow is usually always blocked by metal against metal, and during a sliding strike the hilt acts as a last minute protection.

Weight Attached
55 pounds ( 25 kg ) attached
to the hilt.
Twisted twice
The hilt is twisted twice and
returns to its original shape
without cracks or tears

Weather Resistant

Rain Resistant
Snow Resistant

The weapon can be used at almost any temperature: -30°C to +100°C, in the rain, sun, water, and snow (it is very Weather friendly).

The materials are merged and have no glue that could come undone due to heat or with time. The foam remains soft even in winter.

Spectacular Realism!

Material Quality
Quality Hilt

The precision of the casting faithfully reproduces the details found on a metal made weapon in a museum collection. Hand brushing colouration techniques include an extremely flexible paint that gives the hilts and blades a metallic colouring. The shapes and proportions used make the weapon more realistic due to the high quality of materials and Calimacil know-how.


Weapons are painted by hand with realistic-looking metallic finishes that increase its value. There is a choice of seven colours that can be combined and applied by the user. The blade has a high-gloss finish due to the metal particles on its surface. Surplus particles may detach slightly during the first days of use, but the blade will retain its metal colour. Note that these particles are harmless.


The rules of Live-Action-Role-Playing (LARP) and Live Action Fighting Game (LACG) take into account the total length of the weapon measured from the end of the tip to the end of the hilt. There are different categories for each length. The weapon length can vary slightly below the dimensions in the following table.

The lengths offered by Calimacil are based on international standards.

Category Approximate length
Approximate length
Pole arm 60 150
Two hands 48 120
Bastard 42 105
Long 37 92
Short 32 81
Very short 28 70
Mini 24 60
Dagger 14-20 35-50
Knife <14 <35

Weight and Balance

Dimond Blade

The weapon's weight plays a crucial role in its safety and performance.

At Calimacil, we seek the best compromise between realism, performance and safety.

CAD / CAM design of the diamond blade profile

Artistic alterations
Artistic alterations give
the weapon a warrior spirit!

A weapon that is too heavy becomes unsafe. For this reason, all our weapons weigh less than 500 grams (about one pound). As for the weapon's balance, it is measured from the hilt. A weapon whose tip is too heavy compared to the hilt will naturally fall forward, thus making its handling more difficult. A well balanced weapon will have greater weight in the handle and the pommel. Historically, one-handed swords were balanced at 3 to 4 inches (8 to 10 cm) from the quillon (hilt of the sword).

Calimacil weapons are light-weight to improve safety, but we have chosen to maintain a certain weight for more realistic fighting, enhanced handling and durability of the weapon. A weapon weighing less than 300 grams ( 0.66 lb ) does not block a blow effectively and the battles become a matter of speed without finesse during sliding strikes.

Calimacil is so confident about its product that it offers a one-year warranty.


Calimacil weapons are covered by a limited warranty for a period of 1 year (365 days) for weapons classified as Premium, and a hundred and twenty (120) days for the squire range, from the date of purchase. Any product found defective by Calimacil Inc., with presentation of proof of purchase will be repaired or replaced with a new product of the same type, at the discretion of Calimacil Inc. Transportation costs, shipping and handling charges are borne by the consumer.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the product, including the wear resulting from the natural deterioration of the materials during fighting. Any modifications brought to the product will result in the cancellation of the warranty. This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abnormal or contrary to the purpose of the product. Do not use if the product is damaged.

Calimacil's products used for commercial purposes are not covered by the warranty (e.g. renting). Painting is not subjected to any guarantee. A "refurbished" product is NOT covered under the guarantee.

Calimacil weapons are designed to users over the age of 14. Calimacil Inc. shall not be liable for any type of damage or injury arising from the use of this product. All responsibility falls on the user, who should be committed to take all necessary security measures for using the product and handling it appropriately. For optimum safety, Calimacil recommends the use of appropriate eye protection. (e.g. sports goggles)

This limited warranty specifies that Calimacil recommendations and limitations should be respected otherwise the warranty will be void.


For all claims, contact your vendor. Certain sellers are not authorized for returns, thus you should contact Calimacil directly. The weapon must be returned to Calimacil at the expense of the customer or reseller according to the agreement. The defective weapon becomes property of Calimacil for analysis purposes. The customer must submit its cardboard guarantee clearly showing the model of the weapon, its length and proof of purchase, as well as the customer's phone number and e-mail. In an effort to improve the product, it is possible that Calimacil communicates with the client for more details about the events that caused damage to the weapon.

Claim summary:

  1. Provide your name, phone number, mailing address and e-mail
  2. Please have the proof of purchase in hand with the transaction date and the price paid. Keep the presentation cardboard with the identification number from Calimacil
  3. Make an agreement with the dealer
  4. Return the weapon at Calimacil

Additional explanation for the dealer:

The presentation cardboard accompanying the weapon should in no way be separated from the weapon before its sale. The cardboard is identified with the name of the immediate customer of Calimacil and the user must present their defective weapon with their identified cardboard for replacement. The dealer can also affix his initials and label on the cardboard.

Instructions for Use and Limitations

  • Hold the handle; strike with the blade while controlling your strength.
  • Do not use the weapon as a walking stick.
  • Avoid forcing the weapon or bending it like a bow or tiny cracks might appear in the rod and make the weapon fragile.
  • Avoid hitting against hard, sharp, or massive objects (i.e. concrete wall, boulder, sharp blade, tree, carts, war machines, etc).
  • Avoid blows to the head and face.
  • Do not place in a fire.
  • Do not glue or repair the blade with materials that harden.

Standard Sizes

Standard Size

Pommel: most are soft for maximum safety, but some models have tougher handles like katanas. The internal structure starts at 1.5 cm from the end of the pommel.
Handle: The pommel may rotate slightly, but the handle remains connected to the stem.
Hilt: the hilt contains no rigid structure. It is resistant enough to be twisted and bear a weight of 20 kg which makes it possible to avoid blows while remaining flexible enough to strike a face without serious injury.
Blade: the bubbles in the foam are less than 5 mm in diameter; the foam is merged with the rod, so the blade does not wind around the rod.
Foam density: hard enough to not be able to feel the internal armature after a strong impact and soft enough to withstand a blow with maximum of absorption by the foam.
Memory foam or resilience (how the foam remains intact even after being crushed): with a complete momentary crushing of the blade with your hand, the foam should resume 95% of its shape in less than 3 seconds; After a long term crushing (for example, a heavy weight left all day on the blade), the sword should resume its shape in less than a day.
Rod: foam covers the entire rod with a 3 mm minimum layer
Tip: both ends of the inner core of the weapon are covered with a 1.5 cm nominal or 1.2 cm to 1.6 cm layer of foam.

Weapons that do not exhibit these features can be replaced at Calimacil's discretion with a new or reconditioned weapon. Any replacements require a visual inspection by a Calimacil representative, after which the weapon will be exchanged and the defective weapon will returned to Calimacil.

LARP Approval

Calimacil does not guarantee that its weapons will be accepted in ALL LARPs. Visit the company website for a list of LARPs that have given their support so far. If a Calimacil weapon is refused at the homologation of a LARP, contact us with details of the Marshal and contact information, along with those in charge of the LARP and finally, the reason why the weapon was rejected.. We will take the necessary steps with the representatives. We will adjust our products as soon as a relevant issue is raised.

Calimacil's Workshop


Calimacil begin in 2003 making latex weapons. After 6 months of deep deception with problem of resistance, toughness and difficulty to reach a satisfying look, Calimacil jump into a new technology to rise up the level details and improve quality. This adventure of research and development create the 3rd generation of weapon for LARP. It needs 8 months of labour to finally obtain foam that could match our criteria's. In May 2004, the first safe usable Calimacil was sale in Quebec.


Calimacil weapons are totally made in Quebec by hands. The artist sculptor begins his work with a drawing resulting from research historical or is inspired by a fantastic world. Balance, weight, size and proportion of the final weapon is taken into account to ensure itself to obtain a weapon powerful and pleasant to handle. A series of parts are created thereafter to produce the original piece which will make it possible to create the mould.

The products used for the production of works are polymers of the first quality accurately reproducing the details and finished of surface of the original part while offering an excellent wear resistance and to the deformations. The fabric handle of the katana gives really the impression of true fabric, leather, just as the chain and the wire give one finished realistic and different thanks to the properties from selected polymers. The completion of the weapon is carried out with attention using various tools of precision. The painting hand made is a special preparation of Calimacil to seek a surface finished that really immitate metal wisely.


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