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Do Calimacil weapons hurt?

We've had this question a lot. Simply put: Calimacil weapons are quite safe and do not hurt when used normally. However, fighting games such as LARPs tend to be quite active and physical, so strikes might sting. Even though we aim at the highest realism, we don't want our weapons to actually sever limbs and crush bones!


Calimacil LARP weapons have been tested for more than 10 years and by thousands of players around the world. Here is a video review made by a fan regarding this issue:

Excessive force

Of course, excessive force should never be used, with any Calimacil (or other retailer's) weapons, as bruising and injury can occur even with safe objects. This means that even though Calimacil weapons are safe, you can still hurt someone with one if they are used incorrectly. Please respect your opponents. Strikes should be made to touch your opponent. Remember: LARPs are a game as much for you as for your opponent, so you want to have sparring partners, be considerate.


It is your responsibility to strike safely, that is to hit not using full force, avoid hitting the face or sensitive areas. Just as in a paintball game, some may get bruises, and it is also your responsibility to wear adequate protective gear depending on your game style.

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