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Arenmegil, the King's sword

Arenmegil, the King's sword

Product Review (submitted on June 11, 2011):

This sword has appealed to me since I first saw it surface online here. It is indeed inspired by Peter Lyons design for Narsil/Anduril from Peter Jackson's LOTR films. That is a big draw for people because it's a famous looking design.

The blade length is perfect for someone like myself. I prefer long swords whether LARP or reenactment. The length is also again a throwback to the films because Dunedein were tall so because the design is based off the sword prop it's going to be longer. The thickness of the blade and hilt make you feel as if it has some weight. I really like that about Calamacil. It's not a boffer. The crossgaurd yes is not going to deflect a blade of say one of the heavier swords from another line or category full strength. However its designed to be flexible and will do a decent job of stopping blades from making contact with your hand, it just won't stop a heavier blow from bending the guard. Not a big deal because the guard is designed to bend. Better the bend then break.

The easy to maintain style and condition of this sword is great. I wouldn't recomend it for anyone just starting in the LARP games in a serious capacity. Try a shorter sword and then work your way into this one. It's price tag is large for one thing. You get what you pay for yes but if your new and inexperienced you may want to start with something smaller tio get a feel for your style as well as any rules your own nearby LARP groups may have about certain weapons not being used. Not a wise thing to buy a sword only to not use it.

There were a few cons on the sword. I noticed after a month or so of basic use and use only against other Calamacil weapons that the crossgaurd started to tear slightly where it meets the blade (this is why you don't want it solid). I hadn't known at the time that Calamcil has a year warrenty on their products so please bear that in mind when buying this weapon.

Also the paint which seems so metallic when new of course does fade with use. While it doesn't flake it would be great to see a general paint sold here that can be used to touch up the weapon for cosmetic sake.

The tip of the blade has become somewhat dirty with multiple stabs at opponents. I have used some light dabs of metallic silver paint to touch them up while still keeping the softness of the blade intact.

I did manage to fix the tear on the crossguard with some 2 part epoxy. Normally I wouldn't recommend trying to glue or harden anything on the weapon however it was a small tear and I wasn't about to spend money ona new one and as mentioned was not aware or the warranty. I bought it in a local shop and they didn't have the original card with it.

Once paint was applied to the epoxy you can't ever tell the tear was there and the sword looks great and functions as well as it has the day I got it. I've owned it for about a year now. In conclusion this is a great piece. As long as you treat the sword well and are comfortable with it's length you'll be an asset to your team in battle.

Again Calamacil has done a bio for the sword which of course you can create your own story for but it's nice to have some type of a story with the weapon. Helps give it a character shape for your own LARP character if you make one. Again following the LOTR inspiration of a lost kings sword that gives the heir the right to wield the crown and sword.

I really hope they continue making it for a long while. If mine ever does break I really want to make sure I can replace it. I'm only sorry I missed their Strider inspired sword.

'Live by the sword: Die by the sword'