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Tarkasis Saber - LARP Sword Click to enlarge

Tarkasis Saber

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  1. Review by Engelus (Posted on 6/17/10):

    Ah the Tarkasis Saber. This was the first weapon from Calimacil I saw and held.

    From the moment I did I knew I would have to own one. At first i thought the price (when my friend told me) was steep but for what you get, it's a bargain.

    Intrictly detailed, beautifully crafted, fantastic balance, just the right length for Sword and sheild or a back up for a ranger/bow user.

    As someone who larps as an elf 90% of the time, the detailing of leaves and elven on the blade makes it a great fit. (The elven on it is the same as the Argald, Finest Elven sword which is a bastard swsord and avail here on the site. Also a great buy) And when put together they make a great 'couple' to be used.

    The tarkasis though is weighted above the handle, (which is nice as Sabers are almost always tip weighted) And allows for that familair Calimacil weight feeling. The Handle with it's uinque build actually has abit of a buldge in the middle but only at the front for better grip. The curve at the top and bottom allow for a more "like a glove" fit feeling.

    Overall, amazing buy for anyone who appreciates an 'elven' sword or something classy and yet very detailed. I recommend to be coupled with Argalad, or used with a sheild or as a melee sword for Those who use Bows and Arrows, spells, etc. (Be sure to check out Calimacil's bows and arrows)

    As for detailing, Calimacil has recommended Warhammer model paint to me if you wish to give the elven lettering and such your own look for a unique touch.

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