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Raijin, The Magic Staff

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  1. Review by Zarno_GM (Posted on 6/7/11):

    The Raijin staff is a very interesting weapon. It is very short for a staff, so it perfoms much more like a hanbo than a bo staff. When I received the weapon the first thing I noticed was that the paint was almost non existent, and no where near as bright as in the picture, and after a few battles, the whole staff is almost completely black. However, this weapon is made of entirely soft foam, so it makes sense that detail painting in different colors would not last long on the material, as every inch is a striking surface. The mould line was very off, making the top end of the weapon uneven and sloppy in appearance. Also, I would much rather see this weapon made with brown foam like the wood hafts on calimacil axes and naginatas, for I personally do not like black weapons, sepecially wooden ones such as the raijin and odo, as they seem to lack flavor and appear very unnatural and unrealistic, even on the simpler weapons. The wood grain is excellent in detail, I only wish the weapon was made of a more realistic wood colored foam, as it's now completely black color makes it look like an unfinished weapon. On to the practical design; I have no complaints whatsoever. This weapon is dominates the larp battle field. The hybrid core gives it the rigidity to deflect any strike and the balance is absolutley incredible. The shape of the top end is extremely comfortable and makes not only a perfect walking stick, but the perfect combat handle as well. The weapon is the most effective when used as a hanbo or as a two handed sword, with two hands on one end. As someone who cares much more about performance than appearance, I have no regrets purchasing this weapon, but I cannot pretend that I wasn't a bit dissapointed with it's appearance.

    CALIMACIL: thanks for the great feedback. We did some test with brown pigment foam and it is much harder to paint the golden sections with the current technique and we felt that it look much worst in the end because of that.

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