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Double Sword of Kira

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  1. Review by Nathan (Posted on 12/19/10):

    Sinuous curlicues adorn the deceptively ridgid haft of this twin-headed spear. Is it a spear? A naginate perhaps? A polearm or stave?

    For me, once I tentatively began practicing with Kira's weapon, the adaptability overwhelmed my senses and the sheer flexibility of this beautiful staff began to dawn on me.

    It is tall, almost as tall as my rangy self, cresent moon crossguards arcing at the base of each long leafed blade. The centre is bejeweled, and if one is prone to twirling (and one will be!), forms an essential cue as to hand placement on the finely balanced haft. Golden Serpents dance along its length, the grip enchanced by their ridges and folds.

    In wielding, the staff tempts you at first to 'paddle', somewhat like a quaterstaff, and most effectivein this it is too. Either end acting as strike, riposte or block. However, its when you arc its blades in a circular / figure eight twirling dervish-like dance of death that Kira's staff shines like the sun. Spear thrust, sword slash or stave encapsulate, you can do them all! Kira's Staff is a multitude of weapons and styles to master. All wrapped up in a most eye-catching whole.

    Elf, duelist, royal guard, or flamboyant adventurer: Kira's staff would befit them all. If fact, it would befit a King or Queen! Absolutely magnificent and versatile.

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