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Calimacil Players

Here is a list of people who use a Calimacil weapon to play at their larp. Join that list and tell us your story and other things you do !

Good or bad we love to hear from you what you have to say about our product. We are creating those weapons for you and wihtout your inputs we will never being able to do it. Send us your comments, photos and video at

Ethan Gilsdorf

Ethan Gilsdorf

Ethan Gilsdorf wields a sword from Calimacil to defend his city of Boston. Gilsdorf is the author of the travel memoir-pop culture investigation "Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks: An Epic Quest for Reality Among Role Players, Online Gamers, and Other Dwellers of Imaginary Realms." The critically-acclaimed book is an exploration and celebration of fantasy and gaming subcultures. More info:

-Ethan Gilsdorf/ USA

Julien R.


I first noticed Calimacil a few years ago, when it was introduced in a German Larp magazine. I was impressed about the authentic look of Calimacil weapons and ordered my first item - the Ragnar. After having used it in quite a lot of Larp- battles and being exalted about it´s handling, durability and thrusting ability, a thing which is quite uncommon and forbidden in German Larp, I quickly ordered the Emerald Longsword. To make my Larp- character, a Templar- Knight, more convinceable against pagan characters I chose the Mace and the Flail. With the Falchion, i made my character perfect for the battle in the Holy Land.

-Julien R., Munich/ Germany

Olivier T.


While I was in the 2009 Saint-Colomban fair, I purchased the Calimacil sword named Argalad. This weapon is just perfect for anyone who wants to play an elven caracter in a LARP. Its incredible look and great handling makes this item the best friend of every elven warriors. I whish that everyone could have a similar weapon in his possesion.

-Olivier T. alias Galahad, Qc, Canada

Arnold Berkhout


Me and my friends decided to start a new group, loosely based on the Templars. And as my friends often tell me, LARP is 70% about looks and 30% fighting. So I was putting high demands on myself making my own costume. Now I had to find a sword which could met that same quality. I surfed the web from Europe to India, and finaly found what I was looking for at Calimacil. The high realism in detail was stunning. I had never seen that done in latex. When reading the site I discoverd why they could make them that detailed, and also durable (foam). I had a hard time when choosing which sword to buy from all those beautiful weapons. Now I can't wait to start my new character this season.

-Arnold Berkhout, The Netherlands

GN Ladlemoon - Ludovik Letellier


The LARP Ladlemoon is responsable to give to its players an high level of realism and security for its costumes and weapons. Calimacil's products are perfect for all our caracters needs. The are very good looking while remaining safe and weather resistant. We currently (2009) have 20 Calimacils and we planned to purchase more in the futur. The administration of Ladlemoon wants to thanks Calimacil for their safe and good looking foam weapons.

-Ludovik Letellier, Québec / Canada

LARP Knight Realms - Geoffrey Schaller

Kem Urth

As a staff member for Knight Realms, I have a obligation to maintain high standards of safety and atmosphere at our games.Not only does Calimacil's weapons uphold both of those qualities (Safe AND good-looking!), but they are durable, too!I have an Arenmegil, but my favorite is the Scrow Warhammer - nothing feels better than landing a solid, yet safe, blow with this beauty while playing my elven blacksmith.

Knight Realmsis impressed with Calimacil's products, and has approved the line for game play.Many of our players use them, from all of the lines available.

-Geoffrey Schaller, New York / USA

LARP Kem Urth

Kem Urth

We have been the organizers of the Larp Kem Urth for 6 years now and it is with great interest that we have become affiliated with Calimacil.

We have recently ordered 11 weapons in order to increase the realism of our activities. We spend many long hours in order to create costumes, artifacts and various other objects. The addition of Calimacil's weapons allows us to raise the level of visual quality of LARP, as much for the players as well for that
individuals who are watching the videos.

Congratulations to all Calimacil's team and mainly to Patrick who make it possible to have such a as quality Canadian product made in Quebec.

-LARP Kem Urth, Quebec/Canada

Jenna Leder


When you're apint-sized girl in a battle populated mostly by over-sized guys with double thearm reach, speed is the name of the game! Unfortunately, I haven't really beenable to find a sword that fits my needs: heavy enough to have the heft of areal sword, but light and slender enough to swing quickly. And of course, it had to look good(whats the point of being a swashbuckler if you can't strike a pose while youdo it?). After years of searching, I was beginning to despair of ever findingthe blade for me.

Well that changed the first moment I laid eyes on the Captain Deep. Thin andlight, the long blade making it just heavy enough to give it some oomph, and ahilt that seemed molded to my hand. The moment I held it, I knew it was thesword meant for me. Well sure enough, I went 5 rounds undefeated that daywithout breaking a sweat (or a sword for that matter), and now I'm a Calimacilgirl for life

Jenna Leder New York/USA

Stuart Kushon


I got three Calimacil's weapons last week: the Capitain Deep, the Magnus, Veteran’s Sword and Morgruff, the Morning Star . They are beautiful!

We took the weapons to the pirate fair which is like a renaissance fair mostly shopping and food. We took some time to fight with the weapons for about 20 minutes 2 times during the day and they are really really nice.

-Stuart Kushon, California / USA

Joffré Serra


I participate to "Sanctuaire des Braves" and there I get thechance to use Calimacil foam weapons. I bought a Tarkasis Sabre. While I was atthe "Sanctuaire des Braves" I really enjoy to fight against the goblins where thatput us into the actions and that was very realistic to fight with the Calimacilweapons. I will be back next year for sure with my Tarkasis Sabre.

At the Bicolline larp event I also have the chance to try the Calimacil Halberd this is an awesome weapon!

-Joffré Serra, Quebec/Canada

Thomas Aagaard


I first heard about Calimacil ayear ago and the weapons sounded great.
So I brought an Avalon (short)and really loved it.

I fact I loved it so much Idecided to start my own company and are now selling Calimacil weapons here inDenmark.
The things my costumers reallylike about Calimacil weapons is the weight and the durability.

Your swordfights are morerealistic because of the weight and you don't have to hold back because theweapons are safe and very durable.

I usually use a Avalon(short) or a 13th century(long) with a buckler

-Thomas Aagaard, Aalborg / Denmark

Karine Breton


Bonjour to everyone, I bought a Dark Angle sword since now 3 years. Simply wow !

This sword is very mild and for a girl is flexible enough to make freemovement as well. The detail level of the cross guard and hilt are superb. The swordaspect done much more realistic, on this I will buy again your weapons for theyears to come.

-Karine Breton, Quebec / Canada

HugoRoi-Leclerc & Éric Bouchard


The Calimacil are the most durable! For the price, beauty,handling, they are unbeatable! When you strike they resist against armours andshields. We no longer hesitate to fight hard because they are safe. A slap of sword made of docktap (boffer) hurt a lot compared to a Calimacil especially by coldweather.

Hugo Roi-Leclerc is playing LARP since 8 years and Éric Bouchard is playing since 10 years.

Hugo Roi-Leclaire et Éric Bouchard,QC / Canada

Gabriel Lévesque


I could have chosen to buy medieval style weapons elsewhere, but my friends’ recommendations and the information found on the website convinced me to buy a Calimacil.

I was very surprised with the malleability of these weapons. I have a Captain Deep sabre and a Katana Yakamoto which both have a 42 inch hybrid rod. The sabre is quite special: it is very similar to real sabres, which gives combats amazing realism.

However, my best purchase is still the Katana Yakamoto. I practice Boken at the Katoren Shintoryu School, and this katana imitates a real sabre perfectly. The balance, the weight, the handle: everything is perfect. Fighting with this weapon is impressively smooth.

Finally, to top it all off, Calimacil’s customer service is always ready to answer all questions or problems, and makes a real effort to find a solution.

-Gabriel Lévesque, Quebec/Canada

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