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Khepri, Arm of the Scarab God

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$128.60 (CA$159.99)


We may come from an empire of sand, but what you call civilization, we call a mirage. We come to reclaim what is rightfully ours, what your ancestors stole from us. We bear you no hatred or malice. Just know that if you do not flee from our inevitable advance, we will fight you, we will kill you. Our crusade is righteous and our swords are blessed by our priests. We shall crush your armies like one crushes a carpet of bugs. Once again our glorious and ancient empire shall span the world!


Born out of collaborating with our exclusive partner, the Atelier Fantastic’Art, this longsword unites the mysticism of North African legends with the classical designs of crusader-era longswords. Featuring a golden hued-design, the pommel and the cross-guards both display amazingly detailed green scarabs and an intricately woven leather-like pattern on its hilt. Once again, Calimacil showcases its eagerness to broaden its selection of realistic swords to cater to its growing number of Heroic Fantasy fans.


This sword was made for characters who seek a touch of mysticism. It fits a converted or desert-based crusader perfectly. It can also serve for the servants of a powerful desert monarch or an adept to an insect god cult. As magical or divinely-imbued swords go, this is definitively a prime choice.

A special thanks to Ryan Grandmaison for his name suggestion on our Facebook page!

Additional Information

Manufacturer Calimacil 
Total Length 49" 124.5 cm
Blade Length 37" 94 cm
Cross Guard length 10.5" 26.7 cm
Hilt Length 12" 30.5 cm
Blade Thickness 1" 2.5 cm
Weight 1.3 lbs 575 gr
Core Fiberglass 
Material Calimacil Foam, Plastic 


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