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Calimacil Gold

Collect Your Calimacil Gold

Always on the lookout for ways to reward its customers for their enthusiasm and loyalty, Calimacil is proud to offer its very own virtual currency.

What is Calimacil Gold ?

Whenever you make purchases, your Calimacil account will be credited with Calimacil Gold. With this gold, you'll obtain significant rebates toward your next purchase of Calimacil weapons and accessories. Better yet, if you accumulate enough you'll be able to obtain free products!

Earning Calimacil Gold

For each purchase you place as a registered customer, you will receive one Calimacil Gold per two Canadian Dollars value spent on our website.

Canadian DollarCalimacil Gold

Spending your Calimacil Gold

You can spend your Calimacil Gold on our website when you're buying any product, whether it's a great new scabbard for your Calimacil sword, or a second "Freeman, the Crowbar" for effective zombie-killing. When purchasing, 10 Calimacil gold coins are worth 1 Canadian Dollar.

Be active, accumulate gold and buy the Calimacil product you've always dreamed of!

10 Calimacil Gold = 1 CA$

Start now!

Calimacil Gold is one of the ways we wish to recognize your ongoing support through all these years. We appreciate your trust and we wish to return the favour in our very special way. If you haven't done so already, open your account!

Start gathering your treasure now!


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