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  • 2-5 players
  • Suggested 7 and up
  • Playing time 30 - 40 minutes
  • Dexterity and balancing game
  • Great fun for the entire family
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"Hamsterrolle" is a game of skill, which is constantly going around.The role of wood is divided by small wooden barriers in twelve subjects. Each player has different components that are placed in these compartments. By skillfully installing the hamsters role is automatically in motion. A good dose of thrill is in the game, because as soon as stones fall from the roll out, you get unexpected new blocks. winner is the player who built the first all its parts. A wacky "role play" for the whole family and for all ages.


Additional Info

Manufacturer Lion Rampant
Type Family
Category Action / Dexterity
Mechanisms Partnerships
Number of players 2 – 4 Players
Lenght of game 30 Min
Complexity 1.08
Recommended age 7+
Designer Jacques Zeimet
Release Year 2000
Rating 6.8
SKU ZOCH601133500
Weight (gr) N/A


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