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No one knows when or what happened precisely. We remember nights filled with flames, looting and frenetic combat against those who were our brothers and sisters just hours before. When hordes of shambling corpses rose and threatened the last financial structures of the corrupt Powers, the panicking governments pressed their buttons at the same time, drowning the world in atomic rain, washing away all the benefits of modern civilization.

A decade later, when the sun returned, we were but a few handfuls of humans hidden in isolated fortresses and deep cave networks. We had to do everything we could against a hostile climate, ravenous zombies, radioactive mutants, and no social media whatsoever! Now, armed with everything we can lay our hands on, we forge new tribes so that one day we can bring this zombicalypse to an end…

Calimacil is proud to announce its newest line of weapons inspired by what the survivors of an apocalyptic catastrophe would find in the ruins of civilization. Manufactured with the same attention to details and safety that have made our international reputation, you will have a great time chopping and crushing zombies and mutants like true warriors of the zombicalypse would.

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