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Edmund Blair leighton accoladeIn the Middle Ages it was the dream of most young men to become a Knight. Before they could however, a life of learning would first commence. Beginning as a squire was the first step to eventually reach knighthood in a rite of passage ceremony called the accolade (also known as dubbing or adoubement). Beforehand, however, it meant years of learning. Amongst others; chivalry, heraldry, horsemanship and being able to practice using weapons. Learning how to use a sword was a very important lesson for a squire to master, especially in the midst of a battle whilst serving their Knight.

Did you dream of becoming a squire or perhaps of the chivalry and honor that life would entail? Do you know someone who has the same dreams and ideals? Imagine then taking a stance against the enemy with either the Novice Sword or the Sanguis Sword held bravely in front of you!

With a Calimacil, that dream becomes a reality. Hold a Squire Sword in your hands. We have spared no expense on the designs of this collection which contain the same foam quality as their counterparts in our other collections, yet these swords have a more simplistic look: fewer details and no painting. Which means you can customize it any way you want, adding features such as leather handles, details in the painting or addition of other artefacts. The choice is yours.

Our Squire collection is a perfect way to purchase a first sword to begin your LARP experience. Or, for those who like to be armed to the teeth, complement your existing collection with a nice, simple, durable and low cost foam sword.

17 Item(s)

17 Item(s)

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