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Knights of Emerald

Onyx Staff To become a Knight of Emerald and an heir of the continent, only those who show honour, bravery and possess the skills to communicate with the invisible world while respecting the code rules of Emerald will prevail.

In choosing the Knights of Emerald weapon, you have left the path of doubt to walk on the path of light. This is a great responsibility, since this weapon is a symbol of justice recognized by all the kingdoms of Enkidiev.

Ensure your actions be honourable, because goodwill will comeback hundredfold to you. Honour everything which breathes; do not destroy life except if you must defend the hold.

Now repeat after me: I take the commitment to follow with honesty the rules of the code of chivalry and to work with all the ardour and courage which a Knight must demonstrate to serve with peace and justice throughout the continent and even on the country and the worlds not yet discovered.

With this weapon, live well and accomplish honourable actions !

Hadrian of the Silver Realm
Commander in Chief of the Knights of Emerald

Onyx of the Emerald Realm
King of the Kingdom of Emerald

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