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Arenmegil, the King's sword

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Arenmegil, the Sword of the King, was forged in ancient times by a Dwarf Master Blacksmith and given magical power by an Elfish Mage. It is the only inherited symbol that gives right to succession to the Throne of Our and only reaches its full devastating potential in the hands of a Royal descendant.

During the War of the Four Kingdoms the City of Our fell and the King was overcome. Neither the Sword nor the body of the King’s eldest son was ever found. These events have given birth to the legend of a wandering Prince.

Cause of death

At the peak of the battle, the king’s sword shattered under the powerful strikes of the orc lord. For hours, the two warlords had been fighting, filling the valley with the sound of their blades, which clashed constantly like the mortuary bells of a forgotten church. At this moment, nothing could have prevented the king from falling, both suddenness and desperation took along this awful breaking. The orc’s reaper, rusted and matchless against the weapon it just broke, was trusted into the collarbone and let the heroic lord die, without anyone to carry his blood and, one day, his blade.

His men folded back and the orc warlord took the sword as a trophy; knowing this magical blade would never be used again. Since then, no hero challenged the orc to get Arenmegil back…

*Special thanks to Alexandre Ménard for writing this epic "cause of death"!

Additional Information

Manufacturer Calimacil Crypt 
Weight 1.1 lbs 495 gr
Total Length 48" 121.9 cm
Blade Length 35.5" 90.2 cm
Blade Thickness 1" 2.5 cm
Cross Guard length 10" 25.4 cm
Hilt Length 12.5" 31.8 cm
Hilt Colors Black, Gold, Silver 
Core Fiberglass 
Material Calimacil Foam 
Country of Manufacture  


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