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Crypt Argalad, the finest elvish sword Click to enlarge

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Argalad, the finest elvish sword

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$154.30 (CA$169.99)


As many as twenty or thirty orc warriors lie at the feet of Elliom. The tip of his Argalad sword drips with blood. The proud elven warrior must gain as much time as possible while his King escapes.

So far, he has held back all who have tried to approach the entrance to the passage he guards but now another wave of enemies approaches. Elliom is determined to cover the retreat of his King with the cost of his life if need be. He valiantly lifts up Argalad and charges towards his enemies with fury.


Please note that the handle is made only in hard plastic. The combination of the straight inner core with our normal foam/plastic would have made the pommel area uncomfortable and weaker.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Calimacil 
Weight 1 lbs 465 gr
Total Length 42" 106.7 cm
Blade Length 33" 83.8 cm
Hilt Length 9" 22.9 cm
Hilt Colors Brown, Gold 
Core Fiberglass 
Material Calimacil Foam 
Country of Manufacture  


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