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Hangaku, the Naginata

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Lady Hangaku, was a samurai women of great strength and beauty. She was going in battle armed with a bow and a Naginata. This famous female warrior is best know for her defense of Echigo castle in 1201. There, she led 3 000 soldiers against an invading army of 10 000 warriors. At the end of her last stand she was on a tower raining arrows on the approaching foes. Many fell down with an projectile in the chest or head. An enemy archer finally wounded her with an arrow in the back. While in captivity the shogun Yoriye describe her as: "fearless as a man and beautiful as a flower".

From the Workshop

The keen eyes will recognize the molds used in the creation of this new item. It is indeed a combination of our medieval staff and the curved blade (used on our pirate model). Please note that this item use a piece of leather at the junction of the staff and blade. It is our official first use of leather in our production.

Characters Play

The Naginata, because of its historical background, is a weapon specially created for the samurais and other warriors from Japan. It could also be use as a Guan Dao, the Chinese equivalent. The fantasy universe makes a broader use of it, making it appropriate for elven warriors and other fighters focusing on agility in combat.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Calimacil 
Total Length 72" 182.9 cm
Blade Length 24" 61 cm
Cross Guard length No" 0 cm
Hilt Length 48" 121.9 cm
Blade Thickness 1" 2.5 cm
Weight 1.8 lbs 820 gr
Core Fiberglass 
Material Calimacil Foam, Natural Leather 


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