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Dark Angel, Apocalypse's riders

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Coming from nowhere, in a cloud of fog, the regiment of the riders of the Apocalypse attacks the kingdoms of the world in the name of divine justice. At their head, Zabulon, the Judge, spreads with his sword the retribution and disappears without a trace.

No one is safe from these dark armoured warriors because everyone has a flaw that can justify their attack. This campaign of judgement will continue until the sand of the magic sandglass hanging on the neck of Zabulon runs out.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Calimacil Crypt 
Weight 1.1 lbs 520 gr
Total Length 43" 109.2 cm
Blade Length 32" 81.3 cm
Blade Thickness .5" 1.3 cm
Cross Guard length 9" 22.9 cm
Hilt Length 12" 30.5 cm
Hilt Colors Black, Gold, Steel 
Core Fiberglass 
Material Calimacil Foam 
Country of Manufacture  


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