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LARP armors

When it comes to LARPing, one’s armor is an important part of his costume. Mainly used for protection, the armor will also change one’s appearance. While some armors may increase one’s standing and reputation, some others will scare anyone crossing one’s path.

Whether you are wearing the same armor set as everyone else in your group, or you are looking forward making a unique combination of armor parts, you’ll find everything you need within our large selection of LARP armors.

LARP helmets

LARP helmets

Looking to protect your head from hits? Find the perfect helmet among our leather and metal helmets especially made for LARP.

LARP breastplates

LARP breastplates

Main piece of your LARP armor set, the breastplate will protect your chest from your opponents hits.

LARP spaulders

LARP spaulders

While increasing your presence and making you look more dangerous, spaulders also protect you from high and side blows.

LARP full sets of armor

LARP full sets

Depending of your character, a matched set of armor can be the right choice. Full sets of LARP armor are made to be a perfect match in size, color, appearance and texture.

LARP greaves

LARP greaves

Armor piece to protect your legs, greaves are are meant to cover the front of your leg and are attached on the back. Some greaves cover the knee and some don’t.

Roman LARP bracers

LARP bracers

Forearm protects, bracers will often protect your arms from opponent’s attacks. Some bracers are also used to carry throwing knives…

Atlantean LARP armors

Atlantean Armors

Exclusive to Calimacil and created in collaboration with Les Armuriers d’Atlantide, Atlantean armors are ajustables, customizables and maintenance-free.

LARP armors - Others


Looking for something very particular, perhaps hoods, armored belts, armored skirts? We might just have exactly what you’re looking for. Have a look.


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